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Yoram Yasur address 254 Earnshaw Ave Cincinnati, OH 45219 and his phone (614) 886-5868

Experts say is good to have a sleeping routine.

Even if you take naps, is better if you nap at the same time every day.
Is better that way.
Just nap for 20 minutes, it will be enough to feel relaxed and charging energy.
Use an eye mask to sleep better.
Darkness helps your mind disconnect and have a better resting nap.
What I do is to go to my car, and take a nap there.
Because is so bad to get caught napping at your desk! so, if you want to avoid those moments, look for a discrete place.

There are several very very interesting aspects of our sleep time.  For instance did you know that there is a sleeping cycle and this cycle takes from 5 to 15 minutes; each cycle has four stages, 1,2, 3 and REM which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. The Stage 1, is characterized by a sense of falling into an abyss although at this stage the chances of being awaked are great, the muscle tone tends to relax and the brain waves are slowly getting calm, even though some people experience that so called hypnic jerks