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Yoram Yasur Blume: How to use facial oils

Yoram Yasur Blume | Currently oils are listed as the best natural beauty products. As they are used both to clean and moisturize all skin types. By knowing how to use facial oils and choosing the most suitable for your case. You can enjoy all the benefits that these elements can offer your skin.

You may think that using oils on your face can be very heavy or it will clog your pores. And in the case of oily skin, it will worsen your situation. But it is the opposite, because if you use the indicated oil your skin will be hydrated. You will receive the essential elements of the oil. And you will achieve the ideal balance of moistening. And sebum you need to look smooth and healthy.

Benefits of using facial oils:

To begin with, when using facial oils you are opting for a relatively inexpensive, natural product with no possible side effects. Likewise, you have the opportunity to choose between any types of natural oil (olive, jojoba, argan, avocado, rosehip, etc.) or advise you with a specialist to buy the facial oils offered by some brands. Also, any type of skin can be seen benefiting from the use of these oils:

Dry Skin:

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Whether due to natural condition or the change of season, dry skins never have enough hydration to look healthy; When using facial oils you can retain moisture in the face, avoiding dehydration throughout the day”.

Oily skin:

The oil can regulate excessive production of sebum and improve acne, because although it sounds contradictory, often these skins are over-dehydrated, which causes the body to produce more fat to compensate. Using facial oils balances hydration / sebum production, which reduces the amount of fat that the skin generates.

Normal skin:

You can use any type of oil to keep the skin soft and moisturized, preventing it from deteriorating over time.

How to use an oil on the face:

Yoram Yasur specialist in treatments:

“Humectant: Apply a few drops of oil after your moisturizer, this will help retain moisture and increase the benefits of both cream and oil”.

Grease regulator:

After cleaning your face at night, apply only oil and let it act all night. Rinse with warm water the next day.

Face cleanser / makeup remover: Mix equal parts of olive oil and castor oil. Apply with a cotton to remove the makeup and / or clean the face. Then remove it with warm water.

What do you think about using facial oils?

It never hurts to try new formulas and beauty recipes. And if you’re not convinced in the end, you can still use the oil in your salad.

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