Yoram Yasur Blume: How about tattoos?

Tattoos on the belly of an expectant mom look beautiful. However, when you are pregnant, the most important thing is your baby and, therefore, first and foremost: security. Many people would think is crazy to even consider thinking about having a tattoo if you are pregnant, this but there are safe ways of doing it. Yoram Yasur: This is what you have to know before you get a tattoo while pregnant.

Why it is risky? It’s clear that the needle will not harm your baby but could infect you. The probability of transmission of Hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis is low but you will be exposed to it. It is also possible that the ink affects the baby’s development during the first 12 weeks. Nothing has been proven but better to be safe than in risk, right?

And if you use henna? Henna tattoos are a great choice if you are pregnant. You can get some beautiful pictures without hurting your baby. But you must have two things in mind. First of all, see that you have it made in a place with clean sterilized items. And secondly, did you know that black henna ink is not natural? This color contains phenylenediamine, an agent that is used in many hair dyes and can cause burns, blisters and allergies. Opt for orange, red, brown or natural dyes that can last up to four weeks and won´t harm your baby. This is very important, you must keep it in mind. References:Yoram Yasur

They say that if you have a tattoo on the back, you cannot get an epidural. For now, there are no studies to back it up and anesthetists inject it anyway. Do not worry about that topic! Anyway, you can talk to your doctor and clear all your doubts before the big day. The best you can do is search for information and to talk to experts, to avoid any king of doubts and worries. Before making a decision you should consult a tattoo artist and your obstetrician and you should ask yourself if it is really worth it taking the risk. Yoram Yasur: Experts recommend getting a tattoo 6 months after stopping breastfeeding. If you wait a few years until you can get a tattoo of the name of your son or of his handwriting it’s a better decision and I’m sure your baby will be thankful for showing how much you love him in that way.

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