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Yoram Yasur Blume: Hair removal methods for men

Yoram Yasur Blume:At the time of depilation, men have doubts as to the method of hair removal to choose.

What methods can you use? Which are the most effective and least painful?

How long will its effects last? Laser hair removal, with a knife, wax, razor …

As a basic rule, there is no method that is better for women or men. But a hair removal more effective than another depending on the amount of hair to be removed in each area.

Yoram Yasur Blume specialist comments:

“To decide on one or the other is basic to know each one of them and their differences”.

But if you are in doubt, you may be interested in finding out first why we recommend male hair removal.

Increasingly men without complexes decide to depilate. These are the keys that propitiate nowadays the rise of the masculine hair removal:

•n Aesthetic reasons: today where the image is not the same, it is different from a back that is hairy or full of hair, or the eyebrows of men almost united and with rebellious hair, then others with a certain shape, alt-hough thick.

• Reasons for hygiene and comfort: especially in summer when you tend to sweat more.

• Sports reasons: skinning contributes to greater lightness in competition sports such as swimming (hairs resist water) and comfort and prevention of infections, as in the case of cycling.

• The taste of women: if we evaluate the taste of women by men with hair, the number is increasing, especial-ly in those aged between 18 and 29 years. According to European surveys, Spanish men are the most depilat-ed, even more so than Italians and Germans. In addition, it is affirmed that the area that the Spanish are most depilated is the pubis, to make it appear larger the size of the penis.

Hair Removal Methods:

These methods do not eliminate the root hair; therefore, its duration is less.

– Blade: It is the method of hair removal with which usually begin the most inexperienced. It is the fastest to perform, but the least hard.
– Electric razor: Nowadays there are on the market specially adapted razors for the male body, and some can even be used in the shower.

“This system is not painful, but when cutting the hair its ef-fect lasts little”.

– Depilatory cream: Depilatory creams are chemicals that dissolve hair by degrading keratin, which is a hair pro-tein. They extend through the area to be shaved and, after waiting the time recommended by the manufac-turer, are removed with a spatula.

Male hair removal methods that tighten hair root:

These methods of depilation, when tearing root hair, have a longer lasting effect.

– Wax depilation: It consists of malleable blends that adhere to the skin and allow root hair to be pulled out. There are three types of depilatory wax:

o Hot wax: It is applied with a spatula forming a thin layer, which after drying is removed by hand or with a band, with a dry pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.
o Warm wax: It is applied by means of a system of roll-on wax cartridges. It is a more hygienic alter-native to hot wax.
o Cold wax: It comes in bands that come glued together in pairs to use at home. They are heated with the hands by friction, they take off, and they are applied on the desired zone.

– Threading: It is a technique that comes from the Middle East and Asia, and consists of pulling the hairs from the root by threads of cotton threaded. This method is effective for certain areas of the face such as the eye-brows.

Male hair removal methods that burn hair root:

It is the most effective method of depilation and with better results in the long term.

– Photoepilation: Photoepilation involves two techniques: the ipl and the laser. Both eliminate hair through light. Melanin – a substance that gives color to the hair and the skin – absorbs the light beam, generating a combustion.

o Ipl-intense pulsed light. Technology more recent than the laser, created for aesthetic purposes. The beam of light moves in all directions and is multicolored. It is more versatile than the laser, and therefore can be used with a wider range of skin types and more treatments.
o Laser. The type of light is unidirectional and monocular, which makes it more precise, and allows the heat to concentrate more in a single point.

Natural treatments against baldness that Yoram Yasur doctor, wants to share you.

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