Yoram Yasur Blume: repair damaged nails

Yoram Yasur Blume: How to repair your damaged nails by acrylic

We cannot deny that acrylic nails are the best inventions of the century: they last a lot of time perfect, the color does not splinter and you do not have to spend half an hour with your hands in the air without being able to touch anything so as not to ruin your manicure. This is clear. However, as many of us know, not all are advantages. Adhesives, polishes, chemicals that dry the nail, all this does not exactly define healthy nails, right? So after months, and even years of use, your nails can look and feel damaged or weak.

Yoram Yasur Blume: Below you will find a guide S.O.S. to resuscitate nails that have been subjected to extreme damage after constant, inappropriate use, or under inexperienced acrylic care.

– Cut for health

Yoram Yasur Blume: Cut your nails flush with your fingers when removing the acrylic. This will make your nails do not break, because probably at this point you have them weak and prone to break and flake. In addition, you can take vitamins and calcium so that the nails grow strong and hydrated.

– Cuticle oil… yes please!

Cuticle oil is now your best friend. Leave it at your desk or work station, put it in your bag, do what you have to do to make sure you apply it twice a day. And do not forget the golden rule: Do not clean, do not wash without gloves! Chemicals and water can cause nails to become weak and flexible; the gloves will help protect them. Also if you are one of those who suffer from a single day without polish, the cuticle oil will make your nails appear fresh from a manicure.

– Hardener is necessary

Yoram Yasur Blume: That you have to move away from acrylics does not mean you have to neglect your nails. Now that you have your nails “natural”, regular manicures are essential. Just make sure to use a hardener enamel every two or three days for four weeks, and you will see how little by little your nails will thank you.

– Ask your grandmother for advice

We are not kidding! The truth is that in these cases home remedies do work. For example, you can try this treatment:

Mix three tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Put the clean and natural nails in the container for approximately ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse with water. Do this treatment once or twice a week for a month and you will see how your nails become healthier and stronger and after three or four months you will have fully recovered your nails.

Gel > Acrylic

Once you recover your nails you may prefer to opt for gel enamels, which are also durable, are just as bright and do not splinter as much as traditional glazes. Of course, it is also easy to get hooked to that, and even easier is to eliminate it incorrectly, returning, to damage your nails and having to start over from scratch.

Do not forget, well-maintained nails say a lot about who we are!

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