Yoram Yasur Blume: makeup tricks Enhance features

Yoram Yasur Blume: Enhance your features with simple makeup tricks

Each woman is a world. We are unique and we like different things so what is entertaining is to enhance what we love most of us and makeup is an excellent vehicle to achieve it. Through this we can get all the feminine power that we carry inside and differentiate ourselves. If for example, you like your mouth, then highlight it with a makeup that makes it eye-catching and you will see that the world will look at you with different eyes because you will project security. To help you in this entertaining task, we leave you tips to take advantage of the different features of your face and thus achieve everything you propose.

Power Skin

Yoram Yasur Blume: The makeup is perfect to take advantage of your beautiful skin. The key is that the eyes and lips are subtly made up to stand out. The first step to make your skin look amazing is to prepare it with a good cleaning (use an exfoliant for better results), serum and moisturizer. Only then, the base will be fixed well and our face will look smooth and smooth. For the eye area, the concealer is necessary. And if you want the contour skin to shine even brighter, we recommend using a shade of satin finish, which you can put with your finger and then blend it with a brush for a neater finish. To finish, give your cheeks a pink tone with blush, more toasted in the contours with the compact powders and illuminates the cheekbones with an illuminator. For these last three steps to give the best results, it is essential to use good makeup brushes.

Power Lips

Yoram Yasur Blume: The lips are another feature that we love to highlight and thanks to the makeup we can make a beautiful mouth look amazing. If your lips are your thing, then draw attention to them with a strong color and to achieve the best result follow these simple tips: First, you should put a drop of base at the corners with a brush. Then, with a pencil-shaped lip, delineates the contours of the mouth. Once finished this, fill in the rest playing with liquid lipsticks of different shades and you will see that your lips will speak.

Power Eyes

If you have beautiful eyes and want your eyes to stand out, with eye makeup you will take them to another level. To be successful in this mission, it is important to use the shadows, eyeliner, and mascara correctly. Yoram Yasur Blume: First, intensify your look with terracotta shades, leaning on cotton swabs and brushes to fade well and ends with the most golden tone. Then, with your eyeliner, make a subtle outline. Finally, curl your lashes with the curler and use the mascara to give more volume and drama to that area. This way your look will be impressive and your eyes will look spectacular.

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