Yoram Yasur Blume: Learn to dye your hair at home

Luckily for us, the beauty treatments you require don’t need to be too expensive. The use of dyes to change the color of your hair is a basic resource of beauty that you can do yourself at home. Yes: no need to spend hundreds in the hairdressers. In your home you can do many of things but don’t expect to aim the Pinterest looks of ombré and other trends, this is for a one-color dyeing.

Changing your hair color is quite common in women and you can do it yourself if you know the basic steps. Here, Yoram Yasur Blume will summarize it into simple parts.

1. Partitions; before starting the coloration is convenient to do some hair styling, so that later it is more convenient to apply the dye because if you cut your hair after the coloring it will be a total waste. With the help of a comb separate the hair crosswise dividing it into four parts. Take the line on the center of the head, from the forehead to the neck, and draw another line, this time cross, from one ear to the other. Thus, the dye may be evenly distributed throughout the hair and the result will be more homogeneous. You can help yourself with a damp sponge.

2. Application: after preparing the dye mixture according to the instructions of each product, it is necessary to distribute the dye evenly all over the hair, with the help of a brush. Begin by applying the product in the roost of the initial four partitions. When the crown is covered, turn the brush along the edge of the scalp from ear to ear through the front, and the ends covering the neck. Leave it on the stain for 20 to 35 minutes. Note that the product gradually darkens. If you have mixture leftovers, remember to never keep it for later because it will deteriorate the previous coloring.

3. Massage: Once the dye is spread over the entire scalp, you should do a gently massage you’re your fingertips. The movement has to be circular, from the crown to the forehead and then from the crown to the nape. It is convenient to carry out the process with gloves on because these products stain. Make sure your hair is completely saturated with the product. Just rinse with warm water. Finally, it is recommended to wash your hair with a smoothing product, since it is useful to protect it from the aggression of the dye.

So, now you know if you want to try this by yourself and spending a little bit less in your beauty routine. Good luck! Yoram Yasur Blume hopes you find this article useful.

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