Yoram Yasur Blume: Directions to get a tattoo

Yoram Yasur Blume: Directions to get a tattoo

Surely more than once the idea of ​​getting a beautiful tattoo has crossed your mind. It is not for less, because it is something that will remain marked on your skin forever and, in addition, it is beautiful, has a special meaning and is most striking. What more could you want?

However, when you go to get a tattoo, the typical question goes through your mind: can I get a tattoo if …? For example, if you have diabetes, if you have HIV or even if you have menstruation. Anyway, we give you some indications for all kinds of situations that will be of great help.

Basic tips before getting a tattoo

Yoram Yasur Blume: Whether you have a health problem, or those mentioned above, as if you do not have any type of ailment, there are some tips and recommendations that you should keep in mind. Before getting any tattoo, you should follow the following tips so that everything goes well.

– Think very well about your health problems

Do you have HIV Or maybe you have a skin problem? What happens if you are following a medication treatment? If you have any disease, illness or pathology, you should follow the recommendations indicated by a doctor. It will be your doctor who best advises you to clarify all your questions that relate health to the world of tattoos.

– Be clear about the tattoo you are going to get

Yoram Yasur Blume: Once you are clear that you have absolutely no problem getting a tattoo, you should think very well about the design you want to make. It is not enough to go to the tattoo center and ask the person who is going to make your opinion. A tattoo is something very personal, and you have to be very, very sure, because once done, it will be very difficult to go back.

– Have you already looked at which center you are going to get tattooed?

Once you know very well the design that you want to capture on your skin you should choose the center where you are going to get the tattoo. If you know someone who recommends one, great! You will have half the work done. In any case, the ideal is that the center complies with the stipulated hygiene standards, and the needles they use for your tattoo should be exclusive to you. In this way, you can avoid possible infections.

– When in doubt, ask

In addition to the tattoo center you should think very well about the tattoo artist. You can search for their designs through the Internet, their social networks or their website and, in this way, you can observe their previous designs well. Does it convince you? Great, you’ll have a tattoo artist! On the other hand, in addition to asking your doctor as we said before, you can also ask any question to the person who is going to make the design. Who better to answer doubts about tattoos than a tattoo artist?

– Choose well the area where you are going to get the tattoo

Yoram Yasur Blume: When you have all the above, it will be time to choose the area of ​​your body where you want to get a tattoo. Keep in mind that not all designs are valid for the same areas, as something very large will not be quite right in an area of ​​skin that is too small. In any case, at the time of getting the tattoo, you can ask the tattoo artist to trace the design on the areas of your body that you want so you can look in the mirror and make the decision once and for all.

Important care for your new tattoo

Once you have done the tattoo you will be very happy and very excited. Believe us: you will not stop looking at the area to see how good it has been. But it is in these moments that you will have to take care of it correctly to avoid any kind of problem.

– Transparent plastic

Yoram Yasur Blume: Immediately after getting the tattoo you will be given a transparent paper or dressing to protect the design until you arrive at your home. After about two hours, it will be time to remove it very delicately. An advice? If it is a dressing that is attached to your skin, be very careful when removing it if you do not want burns around the tattoo.

– Clean the tattoo well

When you remove the transparent paper you will see that your tattoo is suppurating both blood and ink. That’s when you have to do the first cleaning of your tattoo … How to do it? Very simple, the first thing you should do is choose a good neutral soap, wash your hands and clean your tattoo with the help of plenty of water. To dry it never rub or use a towel, the ideal is to take a little paper and dry it with small touches.

– Use a cream or petroleum jelly

After cleaning it well, it will be the turn of the moisturizer or neutral petroleum jelly. Apply any of these two products very carefully, with small touches, and not only on the tattoo but also around it. Repeat this procedure for at least three times a day in the first moments. Then it will be enough to do it once a day, because it is also not good to overhydrate it.

– Don’t scratch

Once it is healing you will notice some itching or stinging in the area of ​​your tattoo. It is very important that you do not scratch hard on the design because you could tear off part of the ink and that there are blank spaces that are not at all aesthetic. Take care of it very well!

– Take care of the sun

Whether it is winter or summer, it is necessary that you apply a little sunscreen cream on the tattoo area. And not only during the first weeks you’ve done it, but throughout your life. In the first moments avoid sunbathing and the rays directly affect your tattoo. Keeping the tattoo well hydrated so it looks pretty is in your hands, don’t hesitate to do it!

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