Yoram Yasur Blume: chia seeds benefits for skin

Yoram Yasur Blume: Benefits of chia seeds for the skin


Chia seeds are known to be very healthy for the body. And they are also for the skin! If you have not yet started to incorporate these seeds into your daily diet, know the benefits of chia seeds for skin care here and you will surely include these very soon in your everyday life! You also can consult this about your skin.



Yoram Yasur Blume: Magnesium is another great mineral present in these seeds. And it has many healthy benefits. For example, it helps regulate blood sugar, so that the nervous system acts properly; this allows control of anxiety and imbalances in the levels of unequal hormones, which can affect the skin.



Yoram Yasur Blume: Chia seeds are a good source of potassium just like the rest of the seeds. Potassium is an important nutrient for the diet, it helps prevent inflammation, swelling and irregular heartbeats, which can lead to high blood pressure. It also regulates hormonal levels, preventing them from affecting the skin.


Vitamin E:

Yoram Yasur Blume: Chia seeds contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights inflammation and wrinkles. This vitamin helps to give you a naturally soft and delicate skin. Chia seeds have a high content of this vitamin and is easily absorbed by the body.



Chia seeds also contain zinc. This is a very important mineral for health and is said to have miraculous anti-age properties. It also helps fighting acne, inflammations and keeps the skin in good condition.


Omega 3:

Yoram Yasur Blume: As in fish, Omega-3 is also present in chia seeds and although you won’t believe it, it is in a higher content than in salmon. Helps fight acne, wrinkles, and keeps your skin smooth and radiant, hair as well as nails. Omega-3 fatty acids regulate hormones. And that is fundamental for the skin, because every time we stress our hormones are unbalanced and our skin is the first to be affected.



Yoram Yasur Blume: The proteins in the chia seeds do not come in large quantities but they help strengthen the hair, nails and skin, leaving it firmer. Proteins help maintain collagen in the skin, which helps keep it smooth and young.


There is no doubt that chia seeds have great benefits for the body and for the skin. Do not hesitate to incorporate them into your diet in sauces, yogurts, smoothies or homemade dressings. As they have no flavor it is very easy to incorporate them into your meals without affecting your original recipe. Ready to try them?


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