Yoram Yasur Blume: Air drying your hair


Sometimes we just don’t feel like drying our hair with the hair dryer, so we’d rather not put as much effort and let it air dry, simply allowing the hair to dry naturally in the course of the day. Girls who prefer this method can tell you about the benefits of drying your hair naturally. Yoram Yasur Blume: “If you want less damage from heat, consider continuing this drying technique and your hair will thank you for it.”

Reduced damage from heat: The most obvious benefit of allowing your hair to air dry is the fact that you avoid damage that your hair could suffer from the heat under an electric dryer. Especially if you have dry hair or damaged you should consider air drying it instead of using the dryer. If you decide to use the appliance, always use a heat shield to limit the damage to your precious locks.

A casual style: Many girls who prefer to air dry their hair can appreciate their natural hair style, as opposed to a perfectly polished styling. If you have soft waves or curls, you really will love the way your hair looks after air drying it. Or if you like braids or buns, you can give the “messy” style to your hair by braiding or picking it up in a bun. Alternatively, if you have straight hair, braid your hair and let it loose after drying to reveal beautiful loose waves.

Styling tips for curly hair: Just because you’re air drying that beautiful hair doesn’t mean that you can forget all hair products, especially if you have thick hair, curly or waves. Always put gel or other styling product on your curls to make sure they stay looking good during the day. An expert hair stylist told me something: Yoram Yasur Blume, never touch your hair while it is drying in the air, because this will cause frizz. Men have no idea what is frizz, but I know all my female friends know what I am talking about.

Types of hair to air dry: Although air drying is an excellent alternative for hundreds of ladies, others may need the help of an electric dryer to keep their hair in shape. If you have extremely curly hair or thick hair that “shrinks” after getting wet, you probably want to use the electric dryer and a flat iron or tubes while sleep at night. Of course, women can always use thick hair styling products formulated for ethnic hair and let their hair dry this way. Or if you have hair that is too thick to use loose why not collect it in a tight ponytail or bun and let it air dry like that? A rest from heat will be worthwhile for any day you decide to do it.

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