Yoram Yasur Blume: Achieve long and strong eyelashes with natural things!

Go for those dream lashes that you want! Eyelashes are in charge of providing intensity to your look naturally. However, many women do not have them as long as they would like and turns to remedies of dubious quality and reputation that produce the opposite effect of what they promise. As a result, eyelashes end up falling or they stop growing …For this reason, and to prevent this from happening to you, I want to tell you how to make them stronger naturally. Let me tell you something, as a dermatologist, Yoram Yasur Blume can tell you that there is no better option than natural remedies to make your eyelashes grow longer, stronger and faster!

Castor oil. This oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. To enjoy its benefits, you should soak a cotton ball with oil and apply it to the eyelashes (including root) several times a week.

Aloe. Apply some aloe vera gel on your eyelashes before going to sleep with a mascara wand you no longer use. Over time, you will achieve your lashes to look much better.

Green tea. The green tea contains caffeine and flavonoids that stimulate the growth of lashes. To use this you should soak a bag of green tea in a little cup with hot water (seize and drink it). Once the bag has cooled, rub your lashes with it.

Take off your makeup. A lot of us wear makeup every day, but if we do not be careful with out lashes this ones may begin to fall and stop growing. To avoid this problem, remove all traces of makeup from your face before bed. Even a good idea is to give a rest to your eyes with the mascara, shadows and eyeliners at least once a week.

Vitamin E. If it is possible to take it as a nutritional supplement, vitamin E can also be applied externally. Just break the capsule of the vitamin and apply the content directly on the eyelashes. You must be careful to avoid eye irritation occurring. If this happens, you just have to rinse with cold water.

Eye massages. Massages can also increase blood flow to your eyelids and nourish hair follicles. Just massage with circular movements gently but steadily. You can apply this same practice also to the scalp to help your hair grow.

Without thinking twice, Yoram Yasur Blume can assure you that these home remedies will make your lashes look more natural and strong without applying any foreign chemical. You have nothing to lose, go ahead and try this beauty tip!

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